Wednesday, February 29, 2012

QLD: Main stories in today's The Courier-Mail

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QLD: Main stories in today's The Courier-Mail

BRISBANE, Aug 27 AAP - The main stories in today's Courier-Mail:

Page 1: Babies are being seized from unfit parents almost every week, including from
a few mothers who gave birth drunk.

Page 2: Queensland has sunk to the worst financial position of any state and has to
borrow $10,077 for every man, woman and child in the next four years, documents show.

Page 3: Tourism bosses hope the catchy jingle Hey, Hey, This is Queensland, sung to
the tune of `60s pop group The Monkees, will turn around multimillion-dollar losses in
the state's tourism industry.

World: Afghanistan faces a protracted and bloody election crisis after early returns
from last week's poll show President Hamid Karzai and his main rival virtually even.

Finance: James Packer moved late last night to cement his control of Consolidated Media
Holdings and head off a predatory Kerry Stokes, unveiling a buyback of the investment
vehicle's shares worth up to $226 million.

Sport: Gold Coast Titans coach John Cartwright says the Broncos are "almost impossible
to beat" in their current mood just a fortnight out from the NRL finals.

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