Monday, February 27, 2012

NT: Defence witness criticises 'facial mapping' truck stop claim

AAP General News (Australia)
NT: Defence witness criticises 'facial mapping' truck stop claim

A defence witness has criticised prosecution claims that BRADLEY JOHN MURDOCH is the
man filmed at a Central Australian truck stop .. after backpacker PETER FALCONIO disappeared.

Professor MACIEJ HENNEBERG has told the Northern Territory Supreme Court .. he can't
accept that conclusion.

He says he's examined the truck stop video .. filmed at an Alice Springs service station
just hours after Mr FALCONIO disappeared from the Stuart Highway .. near Barrow Creek
.. 300 kilometres away.

Professor HENNEBERG says the man in the blurred footage has a different body build
and size to MURDOCH.

The court earlier heard evidence from prosecution witness anatomist MEIYA SUTISNO ..

that her facial mapping analysis showed MURDOCH is the man in video.

MURDOCH's pleaded NOT guilty to murdering Mr FALCONIO .. and NOT guilty to assaulting
Mr FALCONIO'S girlfriend JOANNE LEES and depriving her of her liberty.

The trial is continuing.

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