Thursday, March 1, 2012

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Foreign Minister Alexander Downer says the accidental death of the Australian soldier
in East Timor is a tragedy.

Outcue: his family. Length: 17 sec

Timor Aust Downer (Perth)

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer says the government has extended its sympathy and
condolences to the family of an Australian soldier killed in East Timor.

Corporal STUART JONES was shot dead when a vehicle hit a bump, apparently dislodging
a rifle which fired accidentally.

Mr DOWNER says the accident was very sad and tragic.

He says the soldier was accidentally killed, he wasn't killed by militias or killed
in anger in any way, it was just an accident.

He says it's a very sad and tragic thing, and the government extends its deepest sympathy
and condolences to his family.

A Defence Department inquiry will be held into Corp JONES' death.

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